David Wright Music


CD and Download Releases

Coming soon - The Lost Colony

Coming soon – enhanced CD featuring music by David Wright and sci fi novella “The Lost Colony” by Matt Howarth.

Current Releases

Beyond the Airwaves Vol 3 (MFiT)

2020 release featuring the late and legendary Klaus Cosmic Hoffmann and Code Indigo guitarist Andy Lobban.

David Wright & Stephan Whitlan - The Reflecting Sky

2020 release – Tangerine Dream/Vangelis styled collaboration.

Stranger Days (double CD) (MFiT)

2019 release.  Zone Music awards 2019 Music awards nominated Best CD.

David Wright & Carys Concert DVD

HD DVD in PAL and NTSC. 100 minutes of superb concert and added video and graphics.

David Wright & Carys - Prophecy

A Journey from the Ocean to the Stars.

David Wright & DJ Mass - Walking With Ghosts - The Remixes

20 minute remix ep of seminal David Wright music


Library Music Showreel

Watch the David Wright Library Music Showreel on Youtube.