Stranger days

The British composer David Wright is at home in electronic music, New Age, ambient and space music. He started in the 80s and his style is compared with artists such as Tangerine Dream, Kitaro, Klaus Schulze, Mike Oldfield and Vangelis. David is the co-founder of the duo Callisto influenced by Tangerine Dream, and the avant-garde electronic rock band Code Indigo. He also included under the New Age project ‘Trinity’ and in 1989 he founded the AD Music label. His debut album came in 1989 and since then he has released a lot of albums. His latest ambitious project contains two CDs, which contain new material as well as revised versions and remixes of older tracks. The double CD contains music that has sprung during the past three decades, which immediately yields a broad, diversified and complete spectrum of the many facets of David. His music goes beyond New Age, and is more with electronic music. Vocalist Carys can be heard on ‘Beyond Glass Mountains’. ‘Krystal Halls’ is an older work with Klaus Hoffman-Hoock. In contrast, ‘Always Tomorrow’ is a ballad, and the epic title track consists of 7 parts, which starts with a cosmic breeze and on which is further embroidered with sequencers, synthesizers and guitar. CD 2 opens with ‘Rysheara’, more of a space rock track, after which Carys can be heard on ‘Call to Me’. ‘Walking with Ghosts’, with Dave Massey, is chill-out, just like ‘Melt Away’ again sung by Carys, and again with Dave Massey. The universe can be listened to on the two-part ‘Harmonic Heaven’, after which ‘Light Source’ sounds rather rhythmic. ‘Colors of the Night’ is a beautiful ballad, and closing track ‘The Forgotten Symphony’ consists of four parts, together with Robert Fox. It is indisputable that David is an immense talent in this field, and for me that is a very interesting discovery, of which I want more!

Patrick Van de Wiele