2018 continues to present unwelcome surprises, the latest being a bout of ill health (phlebitis then a wry neck) which has resulted in the release date for ‘Stranger Days’ being pushed back to 27th July 2018. Doubly disappointing because it means it wont be ready for E-Scape 2018 on 2nd June. That’s life though and in the scheme of things, I guess it’s not a disaster, but my apologies to those fans who have pre-ordered ‘Stranger Days’ and expected to get the album at E-Scape.

It appears I must take better care of myself though, as apparently, I’m not getting any younger. Hmmm, and it was always my intention to live forever – or die trying – I think I’m still on track!

So, ‘Stranger Days’.….as with so many musical projects, it has taken on a life of its own, developing into an epic 2 CD set of new and reworked music from my back catalogue. And the likelihood is that there will also be some additional bonus material available on a 3rd download volume. More on that soon, but be forewarned that if you prefer the music on CD, remember to order the ‘CD plus download’ option if you want the bonus music, because it will only be available to download! But like I said, more on that in a later post. For the moment the full 2 CD is just about complete aside from some final edits on the title tracks last 4 parts.

That said, the full track listing for the ‘Stranger Days’ double CD is now online, and I thought fans might like to hear a little background information about ‘Stranger Days’, how it developed and just a general insight into the album from me, with a few musical extracts thrown in. So please click on the preview link for that.

In other news, the ‘Walking With Ghosts’ remix ep was released though iTunes over the weekend. It contains 3 remixes of the ‘Walking with Ghosts’ theme by DJ Mass, (Dave Massey) plus the new ‘Fantasy’ version from ‘Stranger Days’.

Also released on iTunes was the single ‘ReConnected‘, taken from ‘Stranger Days’.

The ep and single are available to download from www.admusicshop.com and there will be a special CDr EP available for a limited period containing the ‘Walking With Ghosts‘ remixes, the ‘ReConnected’ single and the ‘Stranger Days’ Preview.