My apologies again to fans for the delay of the release of ‘Stranger Days’, especially to those who have pre-ordered it.
Due to circumstances beyond my control, including sickness, other overrunning projects and a major computer failure requiring a new studio computer (and all that entails reinstalling software), just confirming the album release date has been delayed until 1st June 2018.
I will be posting soundbites in the next week for CD1 of the double set and will keep you all posted.
I’m very pleased with the music on ‘Stranger Days’, and the albums progress, despite the delays. Some of the music is quite retro and pays homage to many of the great luminaries of the genre who have inspired me over the years. These things can’t be rushed and unfortunately, it has just been a ‘silly’ period for things going wrong, other musical priorities and ‘life’ generally getting in the way of creativity.
I am confident you will find it worth the wait though.
More news to follow……