‘Stranger Days’ is well on the way to completion and will be ready for June release. An official release date will be announced very soon, but it will almost certainly be 1st June 2018 and therefore, available at E-Scape 2018 on 2nd June.

So what’s on Stranger Days? Well, its a CD double, mainly new music and studio re-workings of some live music performed over recent years. The title track is an 8 part 35 minute synth epic, very Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze inspired, lots of sequences and synth leads, atmospherics and a very late 70’s early 80’s feel.¬†Sound bites will be online in the next week.

Then there are some re-imagings of older tracks, like Glass Mountains, a virtually new track that we’ve renamed ‘Beyond Glass Mountains’ and features Carys. There is an earlier mix of this track on the forthcoming Schallwelle compilation. The ‘Stranger Days’ version is quite different again.

There are some other new tracks plus there will be some music from the David Wright & Carys concert with Ron Boots, Frank Dorittke and Stephan Whitlan earlier this year, which was recorded and did feature some pretty good music.

Anyway, apologies to fans for the delay in the release of Stranger Days’, but hey, my albums are always late, right!?

But for today, back to the studio and working with Carys on her solo album ‘A Different Kind of Normal’.

More updates to follow.